Monday, August 24, 2009

Tea Party

Hartford, CT

A rally last Saturday afternoon on Main Street about half a mile south of the Connecticut capital's downtown. Local landmarks like the United Technologies Corporation "Gold Building," the Old State House, and the Traveler's Insurance Company Tower can be seen upper right. In the crop (click image for larger view) you can read the extensive list of things the group was protesting. As with other "Tea Party" events I've observed around the state, about one car in five that passed the demonstrators and their signs responded positively, blowing the horn, waving, or giving a thumbs-up.


amnesix said...

I'm getting confused.... «Stop spending our children's future», «cut spending» ... what is supposed a governement to do with it's money ? Invest ? By, say, Lehmann ?

Carl said...

amnesix, this is the right-wing meme that "government is bad, always worse than the private sector," that came to prominence under Ronald Reagan and continues to this day. In fact, in today's NYT, economist Paul Krugman explained it far better than I ever could: