Thursday, August 13, 2009

Demonstrators and Signs, I

Torrington, CT


lyle said...

this is curious, is she happy that you are taking her portrait, happy that someone is interested in her message, or just trying to get the message out to a wider audience thinking you may be from the Times? This ambiguity makes this very interesting.

Carl said...


I'm a photographer/writer, not a mind reader. Your second option is close to my perception. She is happy to communicate her message to someone.

Obviously I don't make these pictures from across the street. I'm right there with the participants, and I'm careful not to mislead about wider audience expectation. I say clearly, when asked, that I'm an independent not affiliated with any paper, and I'm interested in the process of demonstration as part of American democracy. That I've been making pictures at demonstrations since the Vietnam era. That's usually more than they really want to know. It isn't about me.

The really interesting ambiguity to me is in the sign within the picture. What's the American Dream? What spending should be stopped to achieve it?