Sunday, August 23, 2009


West Hartford, CT

Yesterday members of CCAG (Connecticut Citizen Action Group) spread out around the Hartford area gathering signatures in favor of "three bedrock requirements for real health care reform." The canvassers who spent a couple hours at the West Hartford farmer's market had a better than 50% success rate getting signatures from people they approached. A few people waved them off, but some others read the principles and complained they didn't go far enough, that nothing short of a single-payer system stands any chance of fixing the health care mess. Recent polls have shown that three-quarters of Americans are in favor of health care reform, and this unscientific sampling lined up nicely with that ratio.

West Hartford, CT


lyle said...

its curious, that when one compares these hartford photographs with the bristol and torrington work, those folks in b&t seem so alone.

Carl said...

Lyle, in more ways than one. Getting someone to sign a piece of paper is a very high bar for determining support, but the CCAG people were getting better than 50%.

At the "Tea Bag" rallies the demonstrators have been getting a pretty consistent support rate of about one in five cars honking or flashing a thumbs-up, and that's a much lower bar than getting a signature.