Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Litchfield, CT

People have been demonstrating every Sunday afternoon on the Litchfield Town Green for nearly a decade. There seems to be a lull at the moment with only a couple of participants, but the crowds have been large at times in this small town that happens to be a County seat.

The demonstrators have always been a varied group espousing several different issues. These included questioning the official accounts of the 911 attacks, opposition to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and general opposition to the previous national administration. These groups sometimes drew small counter-demonstrations (see my Working Pictures Blog posts of 11/19-23/07). Ron Paul supporters are also in the mix. Leftists and Libertarians don't necessarily make comfortable protest partners. Perhaps it's New England politics on the local activist level. It seems as though this mix is confusing, but one of the demonstrators told me that passing drivers who used to give her the finger now show a thumbs-up. "And that's got to be a good thing."

I've been told of other places where people are getting together for demonstrations and discovering that the agendas they promote are not necessarily in consonance. Sounds like something I want to photograph.

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