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Retired Fireman

Shelton, CT

He was participating in a Veterans Day ceremony.

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Naugatuck Holiday Series

Naugatuck, CT

A large bonfire, fed by used shipping palettes, was a feature of the holiday night celebrations, welcome on a cold evening.

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Bethlehem Christmas, Four

Bethlehem, CT

The atmosphere after the tree lighting, during the school band concert, was informal.

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Bethlehem Christmas, One

Bethlehem, CT

The school band played Christmas music after the official tree lighting. The town's promotional literature says that the tree has gone green this year with LED lights.

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Tree Lighting, I

Torrington, CT

Last Friday, hundreds of people gathered at Coe Park in Torrington, CT, for an evening of holiday season launches. First a tree lighting at the park, then everyone began to walk down Main Street as the police closed off vehicular traffic. Carolers gathered at several stops along the way until the crowd gathered for another tree lighting at a church next to the town hall. The high school band played, a live-creche display combined with more carols, and then the crowd moved on to yet another spot blocks farther along. It was a cold and very windy night with rain threatening, so I was quite surprised to see such a crowd turn out.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gunn Christmas

Washington, CT

From the Christmas exhibit at the Gunn Memorial Museum, one corner of the 1950s room.