Friday, September 4, 2009

Congress on Your Corner III

Waterbury, CT, 9/4/09

One more open air session with Connecticut Fifth District Congressmen Chris Murphy and constituents, back at Library Park in Waterbury this morning. This time I wanted to concentrate on the citizens who've come out to meet face to face with their representative and express their concerns about the pivotal issue of health care reform.


Scott Kirkpatrick said...

Besides the blog, what are you doing with these shots? Is the Congressman going to use them in his next campaign or in his newsletters?

Has this become a Project?


Carl said...

Scott, it's purely a personal project at this point. I latched onto Murphy's activities this week because:

1. He's doing not only formal Town Hall events but also these open, free-form outdoor meetings in town squares, which is very unusual.

2. As it happens, this is my district--none of these events is more than half an hour from my home. So, with 'free film' I can make an intense study of these doings without running up a lot of expense.