Wednesday, September 16, 2009

At the Fair, IX: Avalanche

Goshen, CT

More than twenty years ago I did two separate long term projects on a traveling carnival (one in color the other in b&w). There was a pretty big carnival section at the Goshen Fair, and I still find the interplay of carnival equipment, workers, and patrons to be endlessly fascinating.

You can click any image on the blog to see a larger view of the details, then hit your browser back button to return.


lyle said...

Carl, I went over to your web site and looked at the Coleman Brother's Carnival series. Is that one of the series you refer to? I would suggest readers of this blog do the same. It is very interesting to see the b&w versions v. this color version (are more coming?). I think that your comment on the web site about the carnival being "....unsettling form of theater" really nails it. When I saw the image presented here a couple of days ago, my first thought was "what are the crazy monks doing with the kid?" When I went to the B&W work, I was hoping for some 'aha' moment about color/b&w, night photography, whatever. what I came away with looking at this blog and the web site was, it is a very weird theater happening regardless of medium. and as i write this i am thinking that maybe when I look at the b&w work, well, it is 'film noir', it IS supposed to be a bit scary (the couple in the ferris wheel and the operator just relaxing back, for example). But color, isn't that supposed to be 'fun' at the carnival? but all we get is 'mad monks'. strange.

Carl said...

Lyle, yes, that's the gallery of carnival material. I don't have the color work up on the web site. I'm not happy with the scans I've made from the original Kodachromes--they really need drum scanning or at least fluid-mounting. But in terms of fun at the carnival, I think the color stuff is even more eerie and weird. B&W tones it down, if anything. Compared to a full tilt carnival, the rides section of the Goshen Fair was small and I did not have access during night hours so there are just a few interesting pictures.

Michael D Sherer said...

Carl, I remember your carnival series. That was a great series of images. I cannot recall seeing any carnival photos that I enjoyed more than yours. Thanks for the memories!