Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring 2009

Waterbury, CT

Waterbury, CT


lyle said...

looking over the photos of the trees and having spent my youth working in landscaping, i am always struck how sometimes ornamental trees are put in the perfect spot, and other times they don't make sense where they were put. The color here really adds to these feelings - not to mention the garbage cans, the fences, the road! maybe when they were small they looked perfect, and now, not so. a wonderful thing about photography, a seemingly simple picture makes one ask lots of questions. were they planted with any thought to where they should go? was there a fence there when it was planted - how has the landscape changed? the tree represents a long period of time - is it growth or decay?.....rant over.....

Carl said...

"the tree represents a long period of time"

Exactly so. I think a sense of time was one of my attractions to this small project. The seasonal flowering of the trees is just an eyeblink in the course of a year, but at a couple days to a week or more, it's a slow process for human attention spans attuned to 15-second TV commercials. Then on the longer end, many of these trees may have been planted in front of a solid middle-class single family home that is now divided into four or six apartment units. The stationary tree growing and changing while people come and go and a neighborhood evolves for better or worse, all fascinating.