Saturday, April 11, 2009

Take My Picture, II

New Haven, 3/15/09

Everyone wanted their pictures taken by their friends, no matter what they were doing.

Have you ever heard of the legendary New England "Blue Laws"? The backwardness of these statutes has resulted in some important national changes like the Griswold v. Connecticut decision in which the Supreme Court told the states to butt out of people's personal lives in the matter of birth control. But you still can't buy a beer in a grocery store on Sunday in Connecticut. You also are absolutely forbidden to drink in public. At an art gallery opening, the Connecticut (or Massachusetts) gallery owner may be thrown into a panic because a patron strolls out onto the sidewalk to look back in at the main window display with a little plastic cup of wine in hand. If an officer of the law should see this offense, he is supposed to issue a citation that will shut the place down for a couple of weeks, though most are humane enough to find something else to do. Well, at the St. Patrick's Day parade, it's Katy Bar The Door. Repeatedly during three hours of mayhem, people accosted me, not for pointing my camera at them, but for not having a pint of Guiness in my hands along with the camera.

New Haven, 3/15/09

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