Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Park Walks: Lakewood Park

Waterbury, Connecticut

Lakewood Park, at the south end of the Great Brook Reservoir, is a quiet place in winter. I get the impression that it's quite old and may have had more activity in years past. A bit of looking around online shows that it's still a popular spot for swimming from the small beach in hot weather. Still an interesting place to explore on a cold December morning.


lyle said...

This series is fascinating to me. "Silver Sands" has such a different mood than either "Naugatuck" or "Lakewood". Is it because of the open space the ocean/sound gives? Is it because of Parks tucked in the middle of a city? Better upkeep? Light of the day? all of the above?

Martina said...

Where are the geese?

Carl Weese said...

Martina, no geese that day, which is surprising because they are everywhere around here, especially near lakes, ponds, etc.

Lyle, I think the difference at Silver Sands is certainly the big expanse of open sky over the Sound. You just don't get open spaces like that around here except at the shore. It makes me want to find more local shoreline access areas—most of the Connecticut shoreline is privately owned and very much not accessible to the public.