Thursday, December 14, 2017

Park Walks: Campbells Falls, CT/MA

After a three year period of dormancy for WPII, I've had an idea to reawaken this second blog with a new occasional series of posts—"Park Walks," beginning with this one from Campbells Falls.

On December 5th I was out to explore northwest Connecticut and southwest Massachusetts looking for small state parks and forest reserves that I'd never visited. Using a map and GPS I located a couple that were closed for the winter (CT state budget straits), but then happened on a small sign pointing to Campbells Falls (which I'd never heard of), down a narrow side road from state Route 272. At the parking area I found an old (1906) concrete marker post showing that the small park lies right on the CT/MA border. It turns out to be owned and maintained by both states. 

I could hear the falls, but not see them from the parking area. A well-worn path led downhill.

Then it really headed downhill, and crossed back from Connecticut into Massachusetts, leading to the base of the falls. The Whiting River drops nearly 100 feet in several stages before heading south into CT.

Well worth the hike, though the hike back out, up out of MA and into CT and back to the parking lot, remained.


David said...

This reminds me of Widlcat Wayside Park, originally called Greenville Wayside Park, along SC Highway 11 in Greenville County, about an hour from my house. There were six "wayside parks" built in South Carolina in the late 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps. They were intended as rest stops for the rapidly growing motoring public. Wildcat Wayside is very modest. I drove by it all my life before stopping to take a look in 2014 (on a very sunny day that was not good for photos). I might have to follow your lead and give it another look.

Carl Weese said...

Yes, it could be well worth making an effort to find these "pocket parks" and discover what they have to offer. Some internet searches are in order.

lyle said...

Nice Falls....going to hike down with your 8x10?

Carl Weese said...

Do-able, but would want really perfect conditions. Probably atmospheric morning conditions in Spring.