Monday, April 28, 2014


Waterbury, Connecticut


lyle said...

Looking thru this work, it is curious to me that on some of the building it looks like the window have been bricked over even though the building is being used. On others, such as today's post on WP, it looks like they took the time to put in new metal framed windows. Seems sad that if a building is being used to block up those great old window openings.

Carl said...

A lot of these buildings were smaller manufacturing plants that provided support work to the huge brass mills (Waterbury is still nicknamed "The Brass City"). When the big mills went under so did the small factories. I think the bricking in might have happened when the building was repurposed to warehouse or storage use, or even simply mothballed. There is a little bit of upward repurposing going on, so maybe when a building gets reworked for office or loft space, the old windows get reopened and upgraded. Probably several different scenarios possible.