Friday, March 7, 2014


Shelton, Connecticut


James Weekes said...

This one and the one below are wonderfully multi-leveled. The reflections are there and then not. The two fences, below bounced my eye back and forth. This series is a great idea.

Carl said...

Thanks, I'm enjoying the project, but the weather is keeping me from working on it as much as I'd like. I also want to get at least a little farther away to find buildings from different eras in different settings.

While hiding from the cold, I want to go back to my "Off Topic" pictures from my huge western road trip in 2012—I did a very tight edit of that material for a show in Ruskin during my artist residency, but I suspect there will be proto, or anticipatory, building-portrait framings in that work. Worth scrolling through the 600 or so shots in the rough edit to see if any lurk there.