Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kickstarter Sponsors, 11x14 Portfolios

Kickstarter Sponsors of the American Drive-in Theater Project:

Since you're here, you've probably received the Kickstarter Survey for the $350 level. You get a portfolio of six “11x14” (trim size is actually 12x15.3) exhibition prints, which I’ll be producing here in my ‘digital atelier’ in the coming days. You will also receive a copy of the American Drive-in Theater custom calendar which has just been delivered here. There are two portfolios to choose from. One set of pictures that I like in monochrome, and another set that also presents the range of the journey with pictures I like in color. You may choose either the mono or color portfolio. The first question in the Survey asks for your mailing address for the Rewards package. The second question asks which portfolio you'd prefer. Please return the Survey even if you've already sent me your address for the postcard. Here are thumbnails of the two portfolios.

The theaters, top to bottom are:

(Monochrome), The Phoenix, Houston, MO; The Brazos, Granbury, TX; The Apache, Globe, AZ; The Skyline, Barstow, CA; The Motor-Vu, Parma, ID; The Comanche, Buena Vista, CO.

(Color), The Kanopolis, Kanopolis, KS; The Sandell, Clarendon, TX; The Apache, Globe, AZ; The Roubidoux, Riverside, CA; The Skyline, Shelton, WA; The Basin, Mount Pleasant, UT.

You might remember that I’d also planned to include “a fun souvenir” from one of the theaters. That had to be amended. At each theater where I talked with owners or managers, I asked about custom souvenir products like postcards, bumper stickers, refrigerator magnets. With only one exception, the reaction was, “Gee, what a great idea! Er....no, we don’t.” So I will substitute a small “bonus print” with each Rewards package. Look for it inserted into the calendar.

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