Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Drain the Swamp Rally," II

Hartford, CT

Hartford, CT


Anonymous said...

Did I say frightening already? That's not a minority...

Carl said...

But Markus, it really is a minority. The quip when I was a young man was about the "moral majority": it's neither.

Not moral, and most certainly not a majority.

The Tea Crackers (hat tip to Amanda Marcotte for the perfect encapsulating term) are convinced that their fringe perspective is the majority. As were the John Birchers. And probably flat earthers, or 6,000 year creationists, etc. Yes, they are a minority, a fringe, that convinces itself that it represents the "real America". That induces a cringe, but simply warrants careful watchfulness, to see what nuisance they may cause next. Watching the tea party's national office (senate, and such) candidates is astonishing. Where can they find such clowns?

lyle said...

We have entered 'bizarro world'. I find it interesting that a tea party favorite like Rand Paul made statements in the primary that he would not accept money from anyone who supported the bank bailout, but now is taking money from McConnell (who did support it) and Paul says he will support McConnell for leadership (NYTimes, 10/3). Tea party fav's are just following the $$ like any other pol. I wonder how the folks in your photo would feel about Rand who has said the way to fix medicar is to have a $2k deductible? Bizzarro world. btw, great series on the danbury windows.