Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brazen Betties, V

Torrington, CT

The block party continued with an instrumental "surfer band," complete with go-go dancers. The band was called The Clams, because, "we don't sing."


Markus Spring said...

Carl, that 2nd image really rings with its red triad. Sometimes those Canon shooters are really indispensable ;)

Scott Kirkpatrick said...

Carl, what are the vehicles whose hoods provide occasional foreground. In some shots there seems to be a rather bulbous Cadillac right next to the walkway, but in others, a long black hinged hood (hearse, fire truck) appears.


Carl said...

Scott, you are right, that's a mid-fifties Caddy. Unlike most classic cars which tend to be gleaming creampuffs or lovingly restored rarities, the street fair featured half a dozen of the rattiest old cars ever seen. The Caddy had rust everywhere. The hinged hood belongs to a classic "hot rod" owned by a local auto repair shop. It's based on a much older original vehicle than the Cadillac.