Saturday, January 30, 2010


Waterbury, CT

The twenty-five or so people who participated in the rally in Waterbury on Tuesday gained access to the office of Congressman Chris Murphy where they met for nearly half an hour with a staff member who listened to their concerns and answered questions about Mr. Murphy's positions on several issues (the Congressman was in Washington).


amnesix said...

I have no idea, but can tell me how big Waterbury is ? Is a 25 group a big group? Is this meeting a success, or a failure?

Carl said...

Waterbury's population is just under 110,000. By any standard this was a small demonstration. Also it was not exactly a protest: the congressman who's office was chosen is strongly identified with pro-reform positions, so the message was on the order of "don't give up the fight." This is completely different from what might happen if the group had chosen the office of right-wing-republican-in-sheep's-clothing senator Joe Lieberman.