Friday, October 30, 2009


Waterbury, CT

The classic cars at the Halloween party on the Waterbury green got a lot of attention, but the number one attention-getter was a 1993 Lamborghini Diablo. There were much older cars and pickups, the Chevy BelAire that starred in the latest Indiana Jones movie, everything from an early Mustang to a Hudson Hornet to several lovingly kept or restored cars, like a Chevy II, that hadn't been much to start with. A Ferrari sat next to an exotic Ford GT supercar, but the crowd was always thickest around the Lamborghini. From the jackknife door to the multi-louvered engine cover and the 12 cylinder power plant beneath it when the lid was up, everything came in for close inspection.

People constantly posed for pictures with the Diablo. The most common exclamation made on encountering it was, against all evidence of reality, "That's my car!"


Markus Spring said...

That smell of fuel, combined with the imagination of threehundred and some horses working under the command of one's right foot - that really fires imaginations, boy dreams (and girl dreams here). Meanwhile I look at those cars with a sense of lament - these poor dinosaurs don't know how near their end is...

Carl said...

Markus, the Diablo was at least as attractive to girls as boys. Interesting how central to our culture cars have been during the past pivotal century, but their era is going to look very brief from a future viewpoint.