Friday, June 26, 2009

Laurel Festival 2009, I

WPII has been around for a while as an occasional counterpoint to my daily photo blog, Working Pictures. I've decided to shift this blog's orientation a bit so that it will concentrate on one specific aspect of my recent work, "Pictures in Public." I've long been interested in making pictures of people at public gatherings—parades, demonstrations, carnivals, gallery openings. That's been the subject matter of many WPII posts in the past but it will now be the consistent theme for frequent, though not necessarily daily, postings. Working Pictures will continue with daily posts of other recent photographs, and I hope to soon put up additional galleries on my web site with material from earlier projects dealing with public gatherings.

Winsted, CT

Under threatening skies, contestants in the 75th anniversary Winsted Laurel Festival line up for the parade. In the lead car, last year's Queen tries to keep the ceremonial scarlet robe dry.


lyle said...

I still the love the St. Pat's day photo you are using as the 'header'. The two girls looking left w/ differing expressions, the sensuality, the one eye (lens?) looking back at us - hell I am starting to sound like a photo critic - damn!...."Laurel Festival" is interesting in that it is not on some glorious route, but being staged next to a factory with unkept lawn (weeds?) and the guy in the mustang looks absolutely bored and the driver of the lead car I guess is gonna get wet. BUT, it may not be 5th avenue, but still, just as important and significant.

Carl said...

Thanks, Lyle. The festival and parade are interesting, as is the town. Winsted is the "urban center" for the larger Township of Winchester in the rural northwest corner of Connecticut. All of the big old factory buildings are vacant, with only a couple little attempts at rehab. But there are only a few empty storefronts along the main drag, so it's in better economic shape than many of the larger towns in the state. The festival is is fascinating too, and I was surprised to find this year is a 75th anniversary. It's billed as not just a beauty pageant, although certainly it has that element. More to come...